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Halloween Pet Safety Tips

by Puppy Love Pet Products                        October 2018


Halloween season is an enjoyable time for both children and adults. While many like to include their pet in this joyful holiday, there are a few things to keep in mind to ensure that your pet will be safe, happy and healthy.


Be Mindful of Decorations

Decorating your house with spooky décor may be a tradition for you during Halloween, however, it’s important to be mindful of the decorations you put up. Some items may be a choking hazard or cause pets to become tangled. Pumpkins with candles inside may be knocked over and cords could get chewed on. Place items up high and out of reach of pets.


Costumes Aren’t for Everyone

Some pets absolutely LOVE being dressed up and have zero problems donning the latest Halloween styles, but…others may not feel the same way. Always make sure your pet is 100% comfortable being placed in a costume and don’t cover their face with a mask. If there are any signs of distress, don’t force your pet. They will look just as cute au natural.


Candies are for Kids (big and small) ONLY

With Halloween comes…CANDY. A large variety of sweets can be found in many houses during this time. While delicious for humans, candy can be dangerous for pets. Chocolate is a big no-no and some items may contain xylitol, a sugar fee substitute that is poisonous to pets. Carelessly discarded wrappers may also present a choking hazard or obstruct bowels if ingested.


Keep Pets Inside & Create a Safe Space

If you’re handing out candy this year, it’s important to keep your pet away from the main door. Halloween can be a stressful time for pets and they may have the urge to bolt outside. Create a safe space for pets away from traffic and the constantly opening door. It’s ideal to keep your pet inside as dogs may bark outside at the constant visitors or become spooked by the costumes and try to leave the yard. Cats, especially black ones, may be targets during the night. Make sure to have collars with ID tags on all pets, just in case.

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