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Benefits of Collagen for Dogs

We’ve recently introduced two great new chews to our Puppy World line - the Beef Snout and Beef Cheek Roll. We've also mentioned how these two amazing chews contain collagen. But what the heck is collagen and what can it do for your dog?

Puppy World Beef Cheek Roll
Beef Cheek Roll - A Natural Source of Collagen

Collagen is naturally in our bodies and plays an important role in several aspects of our health. It is the protein that helps with our joints, skin, hair, nails, bones, muscles, and even digestive health! The same is true for our canine companions.

Unfortunately, as a dog ages their production of collagen declines. This can lead to sore or weak joints, duller coats and more brittle nails. While it can’t prevent aging, supplementing with collagen can help with a dog’s mobility in old age. Because of this, it may ease some pain associated with joints by helping to keep them lubricated.

Yet, that’s not all this super protein is good for. Read below for some of the main positive points of collagen and why it’s important to add it to your pet’s diet.


A Happy Tummy = A Happy Dog

Did you know that collagen helps with digestive health? You bet! It's found within the intestinal lining, so it's essential to maintain. Collagen contains amino acids that helps break down proteins in the stomach. For dog’s with easier to upset tummies, it has soothing properties that can help with stomach issues, like leaky gut. If you’re pet is having digestive problems, providing a source of collagen may help.

Walkies for Days

Collagen is an essential element found throughout a dog’s body. It is in their joints, muscles, tendons, and cartilage. With time and age, joint health declines leading to arthritis and mobility problems. So it’s important to supplement throughout a dog’s life to ensure that levels remain near normal. Natural sources of collagen can help stabilize those joints for longer. It may also help with weak ligaments and hip dysplasia.

Maintain that Doggy Glow

Ever see a dog with a beautiful shiny coat? Part of coat health is diet, but the super protein collagen can also help fur, skin, and nails. Nail health is important as breaking one can be quite painful for dogs. Keeping claws strong with collagen can help with less breakages. Dog scratching non-stop? Dry skin can lead to itching which can lead to broken skin and infection. Again, our best friend collagen can help with that! It helps to keep skin hydrated and strengthens it.

Puppy World Beef Snout
Beef Snout - A Natural Source of Collagen

There are many benefits of collagen to take advantage of. Why not treat your dog to a chew naturally containing this essential protein? Next trip to the pet store, pick up a Puppy World Beef Snout or Beef Cheek Roll. Your dog will enjoy a tasty treat along with cleaning their teeth and satisfying the urge to chew. All while getting a source of that beneficial collagen.


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