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Puppy Love raw freeze dried feasts Chicken Cuisine

Raw Freeze-Dried Feast FAQs

Have questions about our raw-freeze dried dog food? Read our frequently asked questions with answers below.

Be sure to check out our information page for more info about our food.

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Frequently Asked Questions


Can we purchase Puppy Love Raw Freeze Dried Food in stores?

In order to control the cost and make it affordable for our Puppy Love Pack members we must sell direct. You can still purchase our Puppy Love treats and chews in stores, but our Puppy Love Raw Freeze Dried pet food can ONLY be purchased directly from us through our online store.


How much does it cost to feed my dog?

*Cost Comparison Using Chicken Cuisine Recipe*


How do I serve and feed my dog Puppy Love Raw Freeze Dried food?

Feeding guidelines are a recommendation. Adjust feeding according to the needs of your pet. Our Raw Freeze-Dried food is calorie dense and requires half part water added for rehydration. We suggest splitting up the recommended daily food intake to two meals. Always have fresh, clean water available.

Cut open bag above zip seal and remove oxygen absorber. Reseal bag and shake well to ensure all ingredients are incorporated. Scoop and feed according to directions on label. For optimal nutritional value and taste use contents within 30 days. Store in a cool dry place.

Yields roughly 7 lbs of raw rehydrated food.


Before switching over completely, we recommend transitioning slowly. Gradually add Puppy Love Raw Freeze Dried to your current pet food for a few meals.


Is the packaging recyclable?

We are aware of how lucky we are to have access to clean water and natural resources. Here at Puppy Love Pet Products we feel the need to do our part and reduce our carbon footprint as best we can. Puppy Love Pet Products only uses human-grade ingredients that are free from additives, preservatives, chemicals and synthetics. By avoiding these things we are keeping those toxins out of our soil and groundwater, plus it helps your pet to enjoy better digestion, higher energy levels, and even reduced allergies.

For many pet food makers, a huge amount of energy is expended to process food with high heat used for making kibble and the canning process, which expels a huge sum of air pollution. Because Puppy Loves Raw Freeze Dried Food uses only whole, freeze dried, food ingredients we do not require a significant amount of energy to manufacture our products. In order to reduce waste and stay out of landfills we have started a recycling program for all our Puppy Love Pet Products packaging and labels. This includes all our Raw Freeze Dried Food packaging as well as our Puppy Love chews and treats. We are working with Terra Cycle Canada and will either recycle or upcycle any of our used packaging and labels. Collect all your used Puppy Love Pet Products packaging and labels and contact us for your free shipping label.


Who is your Canine Certified Nutritionist?

Kyla Bremner is our Certified Canine Nutritionist and received her certificate from CASI (Companion Animal Sciences Institution) . She is currently working towards her Advanced Canine Nutrition Certification that will allow for us to develop recipes for pets with special dietary needs. Canine Nutrition is advancing and continuing education is a must. Puppy Love is committed to providing your furry family member the best pet food on the market. 


My dog is "allergic" to chicken, can I still feed them Puppy Love Raw Freeze Dried feasts?

Often a food “allergy”, or intolerance, is a result of the “fillers” or indigestible food ingredients found in processed food. We tend to blame the protein source as it’s the most abundant ingredient in the food. Most pet food manufactures need to add synthetic vitamins and minerals to their products. They must do this to compensate for the nutrients lost during production due to processing and heating. In order to increase the shelf life of the food, preservatives are added. While some pets’ digestive systems can tolerate the processed food and inorganic ingredients, some pets can not. This leads to poor digestion and absorption and manifests as symptoms of yeast or bacterial infections. Poor absorption prevents the body from fighting off environmental allergens and inflammation in the body. While there is no sure proof way to prevent food intolerances or allergies, anything that creates an imbalance in your dog’s digestive system can ultimately cause intolerances or allergies over time. Ensuring adequate nutrition and promoting a healthy mucosal barrier starting at puppyhood is key in keeping allergies at bay. A raw whole food diet that avoids preservatives and additives can minimize the risk of food allergies and intolerances. Puppy Loves Raw Freeze Dried food will do this and ensure your pet is healthy, happy and full of energy.


How much water is required to rehydrate the food?

We recommend adding 1 part dry food to ½ part water. Then allow it to soak for a couple of minutes and then serve it to your pet. We also recommend having clean drinking water readily available for your pet. Hydration is critical in dogs and a dog should not lose more than 10-15% of its body weight in water.


Where was the guaranteed nutrition analysis testing done? 

All our recipes have been sent to certified laboratories for testing and a guaranteed nutrition analysis. We worked with PFAC recognized laboratories to create a nutritionally accurate and nutrient dense food for you pet.


Are supplements required in addition to feeding Puppy Love Raw Freeze Dried food? ​​

Supplements are not required when feeding our Puppy Loves Raw Freeze Dried food. Our food is complete and balanced for all life stages of your pet. Balance is key in supporting proper digestion and nutrient absorption. Anything that creates an imbalance in your dog’s digestive system can ultimately create health issues. While supplements are not a “bad” thing, sometimes they create disharmony in the body when improper amounts are fed.


Where is the food made and packaged? 

All Puppy Love Pet Products are packaged and made right in our facility in Fort Macleod, Alberta.


How do I manage my monthly subscription?

Go to our shop homepage: and sign into your account. On the account page, click on the manage subscription button. From there, you will be able to make any changes, updates, or cancel your subscription. Check out this how to video for more details:

How to Manage Your Subscription 


How do I redeem Loyalty Points and apply discount codes to my order?

Go to our shop homepage: and sign into the loyalty points widget on the bottom left. Click on the redeem tab and follow the instructions to redeem points - copy the discount code. Apply the discount in your cart upon check out. Check out this how to video for more details:


How do I sign up for a monthly subscription for food and treats?

By signing up to a monthly subscription, you'll get your food automatically shipped to your door each month with a 5% discount! To sign up for a monthly auto-ship order, go to our shop homepage: and select the product you'd like to subscribe to. Simply check the "Subscribe Monthly & Save" options and add to cart, then finalize the transaction.

 Check out this how to video for more details:


My dog currently eats kibble - how do I transition them over to Raw Freeze Dried Feasts dog food?

Starting the switch from kibble to our food? Transition by adding a small portion of our Raw Freeze Dried Feasts in with the kibble - increasing our food and decreasing the kibble day by day, until your dog is fully transitioned over.

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