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Puppy Love Dog Food

Raw Freeze-Dried Feasts

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The ONLY Canadian Made Freeze Dried Pet Food

Puppy Love Pet Products Presents

Raw Freeze-Dried Feasts Dog Food

Puppy Love Pet Products is excited to announce the addition of a Certified Canine Nutritionist to the

Puppy Love Pet Products team. Together with our Canine nutritionist, we have designed a perfectly balanced, pure, wholesome dog food free from additives and supplements. It is safe for all pets and family members and provides all the benefits of a raw diet without the fuss and worry. In addition to being able to order your food and treats direct from us, our Puppy Love Pack members will also have the added benefit of being able to consult with our Certified Canine Nutritionist. Together with our nutritionist, you can customize a feeding and treating plan that works best for your furry family member.


A healthy diet should be “complete and balanced”, meeting your pet’s nutritional needs at all stages of growth and development. Ingredients in dog food should be recognizable, free from any by-products, additives, and synthetic supplements. Puppy Love’s freeze dried dog food provides all the benefits of a raw diet without all the hassle and worry. We have put all the research, work, time, and love in a convenient resealable foil bag to provide you with peace of mind. You can feel confident you are feeding your pet only the best!


Read about our journey into creating our raw freeze dried food here.


Read more about our Raw Freeze Dried Feasts food recipes here.

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