Puppy Love Pet Products Poultry Patty, 100% Canadian Dog & Cat Treat


Poultry Patty 120g

These bite sized pieces are great as a training reward or a treat. Poultry Patties are a mixture of Chicken/Turkey Breast, making them high in protein and low in fat.


Moisture 3.9%  |  Protein: 90%  |      Crude Fat: 6.24%  |  Crude Fiber: 0.1%

Puppy Love Pet Products Puppy Pack, 100% Canadian Dog Chew & Treat

Puppy Pack


Value added multi-pack. Contains a Jr Cane, Beef Steer Stick 6", Chicken Breast 40g and Beef Liver 40g. Perfect sampling of our items and great for introducing our products to dogs.

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