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Our Food Story

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Our Journey to a Healthy & Wholesome Raw Freeze-Dried Food.

Darice Conrad - Raw Freeze Dried Feast co-creator

Our journey into the pet industry started in 2003 and was founded on love for our family and love for our furry family members. We had a great desire to do the absolute best for them we could. We were living on an acreage with four dogs about the same time that we started to see contaminants in pet treats as well as a lot of conflicting information regarding kibble.


I was growing frustrated by the ever-changing info on food and also the inability to find solid nutritional advice for some of the special needs I was seeing in a couple of our dogs. I instinctively felt that raw food was the best and I sought out natural feeding options. I bought a book about raw feeding and started mixing my own raw food. It wasn’t long before I realized that feeding a raw diet came with some challenges. The storage of all of the fresh ingredients was a problem and the amount of food I was having to mix for four dogs was a tremendous amount of work. Having very young children at home I was concerned about the spread of bacteria from the raw meats and I really struggled with understanding what their food should contain each day in order for the dogs to be getting a balanced and complete diet. Balancing all of this with a very young large family was such a challenge that we had to go back to feed a high quality kibble, but the desire to do better for our dogs never left me.


A few years ago we started to utilize some freeze dry foods for our human family and that made me start to think about the possibility of that as an option for our dogs as well. Freeze drying the food allows it to retain 97% of nutrition and because there is no moisture in it bacteria can not grow. It can be stored in a cupboard for extended periods of time and is ready to feed. I started mixing my own at home. We loved it and our dogs especially loved it. We have been feeding our own 2 senior dogs freeze dried food for 2 yrs now.


It has taken a total of three years in the making as well as much hard work by ourselves and our newest staff canine nutritionist, but my dream of a complete, healthy, convenient raw food has finally come to fruition. We are so proud to be able to offer this food to you with the same assurances of integrity, love for our dogs as family members, and commitment to their well being that has driven us to produce quality, all natural treats.


The Puppy Love Raw Freeze Dried Food line is a culmination of our years as pet lovers, our desire to do the best we can for them, science, and great ingredients produced by nature. Each recipe is created and delivered to your family

from our family with love.

- Darice Conrad

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