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Most Popular Dog Treats & Chews of 2023

The holidays are here, and it's time to start checking items off your shopping list. Looking for the perfect gift for your furry friend or a fellow pet pawrent? Here are some of the most popular Puppy Love products from this year!

Popular Dog Chews

Dogs LOVE our chews and we have a great variety to "chews" from. Chews do more than just treat your dog, they offer amazing benefits as well! Not only do they promote dental health, they also help combat boredom and are a great source of protein. Our chews are single ingredient, all natural, with NO additives, preservatives or chemicals. The ones on this list are also 100% Canadian sourced AND made (bonus!).

Here are the top three most popular chew products from this year:

Jr Bully Mini - These small chews are a great option for smaller sized dogs. At 4"-5" inches, they are a short to medium lasting chew (depending on the type of chewer you have). Jr Bully Minis are available by the piece or in a value pack of 10 pieces!

Jr Bully 9"-10" - The full version of the minis, our Jr Bully 9"-10" beef chews are best suited for medium to large sized dogs. This popular chew is a great source of protein and helps promote dental health. This product is available as an individual piece or in a value pack of 5 chews.

Jr Cane - Canes may seem like a product best for the holiday season, but this chew is popular all year round! With a hooked end, this chew offers a fun shape vs a regular straight chew and can be enjoyed by all dogs. This tasty product can be found in a value pack of 5 pieces or as a single chew.

Popular Dog Treats

Which pet doesn't love a good T-R-E-A-T? These products not only make, well, good treats, they can also be used as training motivators, positive reinforcement, and food toppers! Our treats are also single ingredient with no fillers, additives, preservatives or chemicals - so you know EXACTLY what you are giving your pet.

Our top 3 treat products from 2023 are:

Duck Feet - Duck Feet are our most popular treat every year, and it's no wonder why! This crunchy, snack like treat is allergy friendly, a naturally occurring source of glucosamine and chondroitin (great for joint health!), source of collagen, and many vitamins and minerals.

Beef Liver - This classic treat is loved by dogs and cats. Liver is rich in vitamins and minerals. It's also a good source of protein while being low in fat. Our Beef Liver is available in a couple forms - dehydrated and freeze dried.

Puppy World Lamb Lung - Lamb is a great alternative protein for pets with beef allergies. Lung provides a good source of iron, vitamins and minerals. The softer, spongier texture makes it easy for dogs of all ages and sized to enjoy! Lamb Lung is available dehydrated or freeze dried.

Raw Freeze Dried Feasts Food

This year, we launched our own line of dog food - Puppy Love Raw Freeze Dried Feasts! A healthy diet should be “complete and balanced”, meeting your pet’s nutritional needs at all stages of growth and development. Together with our Canine nutritionist, we have designed a perfectly balanced, pure, wholesome dog food free from additives and supplements. Puppy Love’s freeze dried dog food provides all the benefits of a raw diet without all the hassle and worry. Our food has become quite popular since launch, and for good reason. Shop our Raw Freeze Dried Feasts food here:

We have four recipes to choose from:

Chicken Cuisine Pork Platter Surf & Turf Kickin' It Kangaroo


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