Treats Are More Than Treats

What are all the ways you can use dog treats?

How about an extra addition to your dog's dinner? Or creating a tasty pupsicle treat? Read below for in-depth ideas like that and more!

Food Topper

Puppy Love Chicken Hearts 120g

Our treats can be used for more than the occasional snack - many of them are great additions to your pet's food! Sprinkling products on your dog's dinner can encourage them to eat and enhance the flavour of their kibble. On a raw diet? Many of our items are perfect to work into meals.

For example: Beef liver adds iron and minerals. Chicken breast is a great lean, high protein addition. Items like chicken hearts contain taurine and essential fatty acids. Of course, all our products are delicious and help create a variety of flavours for your pet's palette.

Not Just For Dogs

Puppy Love Pork Freeze Dried 120g

Most consumers believe our products are only meant for dogs - it's in the name right, PUPPY Love! In reality, majority of our treat products can be equally enjoyed by our feline friends. You bet, cats love them too and our products are good for sharing between both types of pets. Our Freeze Dried line is a great option for cats. The pieces are