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4 Pet Safety Tips for Canada Day

Canada Day is here! This holiday is usually filled with various celebrations throughout the country with many people and pets out enjoying the festivities. However, there are some important pet safety to keep in consideration for this celebratory day.

I.D. Please

It's always great to check that your pet's I.D. information is up to date, but especially so on holidays where people are out and about. If you are going out with your dog, ensure that they have a properly fitted collar with secure identification tags attached. If you are having guests over, it's a good idea to have I.D. on your pet at home, in case they accidentally get out while people are in and out. Double check that all information is correctly up to date and take note of the information on tags or I.D.

Introverts Don't Like Crowds

Do you have a nervous dog? As wonderful as it is to include our furry friends in certain events (especially outdoor activities), some pets aren't well suited for crowds. There are many pets that may get spooked by noisy crowds and don't like attention from strangers. Leave any nervous pets at home to avoid runaways and accidents.

Check the Weather

Canada Day falls during the summer season, which can mean overly hot weather. Although, it is Canada so that is not always the case. If the weather forecast is warm for that day, consider leaving your pet at home. Most celebrations take place outside and last for several hours. If leaving your pet at home is not an option, take a doggy tote of supplies like: LOTS of water, treats, cooling vests, etc. NEVER LEAVE YOUR PET IN A VEHICLE. Even IF the forecast doesn't seem that high, vehicles can heat up dramatically within minutes.

Fireworks are Frightening

It's well known that pets and fireworks don't mix. Unfortunately, these explosive shows are a key element to most Canada Day celebrations.

If your area has a fireworks show, prepare your pet the best you can:

- keep them AT HOME

- provide a safe space for them (a closed room they can't escape from if scared)

- ensure the room has distractions, such as toys

- create a calm environment by placing their bed

or favourite blankets with them

- check that doors and windows are secure if you

are going out to watch

Have a great, safe, and wonderful Canada Day everyone!


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