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Puppy Love's Raw Freeze Dried Food

We at Puppy Love recently launched our NEW line of raw freeze dried dog food. Together with a certified canine nutritionist, we have designed a perfectly balanced, pure, wholesome dog food free from additives and supplements. It is safe for all pets and family members and provides all the benefits of a raw diet without the fuss and worry.

A healthy diet should be “complete and balanced” meeting your pet’s nutritional needs at all stages of growth and development. Ingredients in dog food should be recognizable, free from any by-products, additives, and synthetic supplements. In addition, processing should be minimal in order to provide a nutrient rich diet.

We currently have 4 great recipes that even the pickiest of pets will devour.

Kickin' It Kangaroo - Surf & Turf - Chicken Cuisine - Pork Platter

Why RAW Freeze Dried?

Extreme cooking processes, such as those used to make kibble and dehydrated dog food, destroy nutrients from the food ingredients, leaving it short of “complete and balanced”. As such, dehydrated food only retains approximately 60% of their natural nutrients and enzymes. Most freeze dried foods retain approximately 97% of its natural nutrients and live enzymes required for proper absorption and digestion.

Removing the moisture from the raw product stops the growth of harmful bacteria and viruses. This allows for a long shelf life as well as peace of mind knowing you are providing your pet the safest raw diet with all the nutrition nature intended.

Puppy Love’s freeze dried dog food provides all the benefits of a raw diet without all the hassle and worry. Freeze dried food takes up less space and has a long shelf life. You can store it and take it almost anywhere. Freeze dried food eliminates the risk of salmonella and other harmful bacteria found in 20% of most raw diets. We have put all the research, work, time, and love in a convenient resealable foil bag to provide you with peace of mind. You can feel confident you are feeding your pet only the best!

Ingredients You Can Actually SEE

Another unique thing about our raw, freeze dried dog food is being able to recognize the ingredients in your pets dish. Take a moment to picture the last bowl of dog food you served your pet. Can you point out each ingredient listed in the food’s ingredients list? Chances are you likely can’t. Because of the food’s processing, many dog food brands lack ingredient transparency.

Freeze drying allows for the food to maintain its color and structural integrity. In our freeze dried food, the ingredients come back to life in the rehydration process, allowing you to see the meat pieces, vegetables, fruit and seeds. This means, what you see in your dog’s bowl is exactly what they’re getting.

Benefits of Feeding Your Dog Raw Freeze Dried Feasts

Raw food is a food that has not been through a heat-altering process. Heat is the enemy to nutrients and enzymes. A complete and balanced whole food diet has the ability to not only heal many ailments, but also create a nutritionally superior pet who thrives. The key component to our raw freeze dried food is the enzymes which assist in the digestive process and help with just about every metabolic process. When you feed Puppy Love’s Freeze dried raw food you can look forward to: Healthier Coat - Healthy Bones - Less Waste - Proper Digestion - Good Oral Health - Fewer Allergies

Each whole food ingredient is carefully chosen to create a nourishing and canine-appropriate meal. In the end, your pet enjoys real food in every bite!

Where to Buy

Currently, our Raw Freeze Dried Feasts recipes are available online only. We do flat rate shipping across Canada with delivery right to your doorstep or post office box! Our food is available in four great recipes (Chicken Cuisine, Pork Platter, Surf & Turf, Kickin' It Kangaroo) and can be ordered in single bags or multiple bag cases. We offer one time purchases or a monthly subscription (with 5% savings) so you never run out!

Ready to order? Check out our online store here:

Puppy Love’s Freeze Dried food is prepared and packaged in our facility using government inspected human grade ingredients. We adhere to strict quality control procedures in our facility when handling and preparing our food. Testing is done to ensure that food safety and nutritional values are met. We follow the nutritional guidelines set out by the AAFCO and NRC. We worked with accredited laboratories to produce a raw freeze dried food that meets and/or exceeds these requirements.


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