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It's Pet Dental Health Month!

Did you know that February is National Pet Dental Health Month? Your pet's teeth may be the last thing you think about or it may be a part of your every day routine! Either way, February is the month to spend some extra time on your pets mouth health and we're here to give you some tips on how to achieve that.


Firstly, we should look at the signs of deteriorating or sub-optimal dental health. Some kind of oral health issue is one of the most common pet health problems. If your pet's teeth are yellow, there is likely a lot of plaque build up. Having too much plaque on the teeth can cause cavities and weak teeth. A gum infection or gum disease can result in red, bleeding, and inflamed gums. It is possible that bad breath is a symptom of something going on within the mouth of your pet and is not just caused by what they ate.

So where do you begin if you haven't already? Or what are some tips for maintaining your

pet's oral health? Read below to find out.

Speak to an Expert

Do you feel overwhelmed by oral health care, or are you not sure where to begin? Consult your veterinarian! Having a veterinarian check up is always a good place to begin, and they will be able to provide tips and tricks. Once a year, it is recommended to schedule an appointment for a deep clean. Professionals may also come to your local pet store periodically to brush dog's teeth. Keep an eye out for listings as appointment slots fill up fast!

Brush Teeth

Pet owners are advised to brush their pets' teeth daily, but this is not always feasible. The more times you can brush your pet's teeth and gums, the better. Aim for twice or three times a week. Dogs and cats should both have their teeth brushed to prevent plaque and tartar buildup, which can lead to even bigger issues like gum disease and tooth decay. You can purchase toothbrushes and toothpaste designed specifically for dogs and cats from most pet stores.

Chew Toys

Chews toys can do more than just stimulate your dog and fulfill their urge to chomp. Some toys are great for cleaning teeth as well! As your dog bites down onto an item, it gently scrapes the sides of their teeth, helping remove plaque and tartar build up. Not sure what toy is the best for this? Ask your local pet store for some ideas!

Puppy Love Chews my pet chews can actually HELP their teeth? You bet! Our all-natural chews can help keep your teeth clean just like chew toys. Different shaped products, like our Curly, Pretzel, and Mr. Twisty, encourage dogs to chew at all angles and therefore, getting into different areas on their mouths. They also benefit from regular straight chews. Chewing on a product causes it to move up and down against the teeth, scraping plaque and massaging gums. Other brand dental chews are also available, but beware of their ingredients. Products may contain sugars that can damage rather than strengthen your pet's teeth. Pet Products from Puppy Love are all single ingredient, all natural, and free from additives or preservatives.


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