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4 Tips on Choosing the Best Product for Your Pet

There are many pet treats and chews available on the market. At Puppy Love Pet Products, we have an extensive line with varying types, species and size. But how do you choose the right product for your pet?

In addition to consulting your veterinarian on what is best for your pet, here are a few guidelines to help you choose the right chew or treat.

There are unlimited pet treats and chews available on the market. This is evident as soon as you walk down an aisle at your local pet store. In creating Puppy Love Pet Products, we aimed to have a line that had a product suitable for every pet. And true to our goal, we have over 21 different treat options (not including different bag sizes), 9 different species flavours, and over 40 chew variations.

It can be overwhelming to choose the best product for your pet, especially if you are a first-time pet owner. Here are some guidelines to help make that decision easier.

#1 - Size

One of the first thing's to consider when picking a chew for your dog is size or breed type. How big is your dog ? Is he a toy breed, a giant breed, or somewhere in between? A mega 10" bully stick wouldn't be the best option for a chihuahua but may be perfectly suited for a golden retriever sized dog. Our selection of chews ranges from our Jr. Bully Minis and Puppy World Veal Chew to long chews like Mr. Twisty's, Steer Sticks and Puppy World 24" Bully Sticks. Unsure what size to get? We provide suggestions under our chew products listed on our site.

Of course EVERY dog is different and these are simply guidelines to get you started. Some may have a hard time consuming a chew in one sitting. In that case, take the chew away after a certain amount of time and save the rest for the next day. Our chews are made from pure meat, so if a dog isn't used to eating them, too much in one go can upset their stomach.

When giving treats, it is important to consider pet size to determine how much to give. Treats are supplementary to food, so it is important not to over-feed a dog with treats in a day and not to exceed their daily calorie consumption. Consult your vet on the amount of calories and treats your pet should be given per day. Most treats (like livers, breasts, etc) can be broken down into smaller sizes for smaller mouths if needed. Freeze Dried products are already small bite sized bits, which make them great for cats and small dogs already.

#2 - Age

Along with size, a dog's age plays a role in what chew is better suited for them. Puppy's have an insatiable urge to chew but also have their smaller baby teeth still. Senior dogs, however, may have weaker or less teeth. Puppy World Veal Chews would be a great option for both ages as they are a less dense, skinnier product. That option would be better then let's say a Puppy World SherPaw chew or a Puppy Love Elk Antler. Those can be quite hard to chew and best suited for adult dogs.

A good treat option for those with less or weaker teeth would be Beef Lung or Puppy World Lamb Lung. Lung has a spongier, lighter texture that makes it easier to chew. Our Freeze Dried line is a great product for all dogs and cats, but is also an easier product for seniors to snack on. Harder treats, such as Beef Liver, can be broken into smaller pieces to make it easier to eat. Sprinkling crushed up treats over your pet's food is an excellent way to give them a treat while also adding flavour to their dish.

#3 - Allergies

At Puppy Love Pet Products, we have 8 different species of products to choose from: Beef, Chicken, Salmon, Pork, Turkey, Duck, Lamb, Bison, Elk/Deer. To pick the best species for your dog, it is important to know what he or she is allergic to. Allergies may not always be obvious, but there are some warning signs to watch for.

"True food allergies result in an immune response, which can range in symptoms from skin conditions (hives, facial swelling, itchiness), gastrointestinal signs (vomiting and/or diarrhea) or a combination of both. " –

Therefore, if your dog is allergic to chicken, you would obviously avoid purchasing products such as Chicken Feet. The alternative would be Duck Feet, which is a less allergenic species. A great option for dogs with beef allergies is bison or elk. Unfortunately, these products are currently harder to find due to the lack of supply in the market but we hope this improves soon!

#4 - Type of Chewer

Is your dog a nibbler or a chomper? Do they savor their treats or basically inhale them without tasting them? Chews should be selected depending on what kind of chewer or eater your pet is. You may consider Puppy World Bully Stick or Twisty if your dog is an aggressive chewer. It will take longer for these types of chews to be consumed, as they are thicker and denser. Thinner chews, such as the Beef Slim or Beef Chew 11" are ideal for light eaters. Other dogs can also enjoy those products, but they won't last as long.

We also have some treats that are tougher (such as feet or bully bits) vs easy to consume products (like our freeze dried). As always, we recommend supervising your pet when treating and provide plenty of fresh water.

Ready to Spoil Your Dog? Let's Get Shopping

When picking a chew, it's important to consider your dog's size, age, allergies and chewing habits in order to choose the best product. Like people, every dog is different and unique. What works for one pup doesn't quite suite another. But these guidelines, along with a consultation with your vet, can help you take home the best treat or chew to spoil your pet with.

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