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Dog Days of Summer

Ahh - summertime! The season of BBQs, travelling, sunbathing, and many fun activities. Most people spend the summer outdoors enjoying the warm weather and sunshine.

However, our pets react differently to the increased UV rays and feel the heat more intensely and quicker. To avoid heat exhaustion, and a trip to a vet, keep your pet as cool as possible and watch out for signs of overheating. Have fun with your pooch by playing in pools and enjoying the shade together. Not sure if it's too hot for your pet? When in doubt, keep your dog inside where it’s nice and cool.

Signs of Overheating

While it's best to avoid spending long periods outside with your pets, you can't prevent your pet from going outside at all. When you do have your dog outside during hot periods, be aware of the symptoms of overheating. Dogs don't sweat like us humans and can be prone to heat stroke. Some signs of of overheating are:

· Heavy Panting

· Excessive Drooling

· Laying Down/Taking Breaks Frequently

· Heartrate Fast or Irregular

· Lethargy or Stumbling

· Vomiting/Diarrhea

· Lack of Appetite

· Glazed Eyes, Changes in Gum/Tongue Colour

How to Keep Your Dog Cool as a Cucumber

· Provide fresh/cool water to drink

· Have a doggy pool for you pooch to dip their paws in & play

· Make sure there are shady spots for your dog to lay down in

· Don’t over exhaust your dog by playing too much, especially during the

hottest part of the day

· Keep the house cool to provide relief from the outdoor heat

· NEVER leave a dog in a parked car – temperatures can rise quickly even if the

windows are down

· Walk or exercise your pet in the cooler parts of the day, such as

early morning or night time

· Check the temperature of the sidewalk before going for a walk as

hot cement can burn paws

· Some breeds are more susceptible to overheating then others, learn more about your dog’s breed in case you need to be extra cautious.

Park Your Car, Not Your Dog

You're out for a drive with your pooch and need to stop to grab that item you forgot. You'll only be in the store for 5 minutes right? Except it almost never works like that - the line up is long, you run in to someone you know, etc. The interior of your vehicle can heat up drastically in the summer and because dogs are more susceptible to heat than us, it doesn't take long for a warm car to become deadly. NEVER leave your pet in a parked vehicle for any length of time.

Summer Lovin'

You can still enjoy the sun and warm weather activities as a pet parent. Although you don't have to change your plans, you may have to make some adjustments to ensure your dogs remain cool and safe. A pool is always refreshing and delicious pupsicles are the perfect cool down treat. Watch out for signs of heat stoke (excessive panting and drooling, lethargy, vomiting, etc.). and create a cool space for them indoors to chill. If you think it's too hot outside for you dog, it probably is.


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