April showers bring May flowers - but those flowers and other types of foliage could be toxic to our pets. With Spring in full swing, there are a few things about this season to be aware of with our pets. After all, a safe pet is a happy pet!



It’s the perfect time of year to get out those cleaning supplies and do a deep cleanse of the house or yard. However, many of the chemicals used are just as poisonous to pets as they are humans. If you are using heavy chemicals, make sure to keep your pets away from the area afterwards or look for less harsh cleaning supplies with pet friendly natural ingredients (not all organic components are safe for animals). Check out this link for more information on household cleaners that can be harmful to pets:



This is a great time to start garden planning and picking out flowers. If your pet is going to be around your flower bed often, make sure to look up the type of plants you are going to buy beforehand. There are many types of flowers out there, like lilies, that are extremely toxic to cats and dogs. If ingested, they can cause vomiting, diarrhea and even heart or lung issues. Use this link as a reference if needed: